First Post

Change is in the air this season as a lot of my Twitter follows have either cut down their posting or left the platform altogether. I’m not sure what comes next but it seems like a good time to do something I’ve been considering for a while: start a blog.

I had a blog about 10 years ago, and never got any traction with it. My posting there was in the “esoteric tech tutorial” vein of content. Here I plan to do a bit broader range of content, but still focused on just my personal interests.

I’m planning on doing a post or two about my optimization code; I hope to publish most of that toolchain in the coming months.

I’ll probably make some posts about my typical Node.js server setup. My thought there was to publish a sample app that I could use as a fully-built example of some of that code. I have a few projects that might be a good fit for this.

I may publish other things that are less technical and more personal, but I’m not sure yet how to handle that distinction in this medium. This doesn’t feel like the kind of platform for sharing status updates and pictures of my kids, but I’d still like to have a bit of personality here.

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